Tomorrow, Lord willing, we return to our study of the first book of the Bible—Genesis. We first started our expositional trek through what I have entitled “The Book of Beginnings” back in February of 2015.

We made it as far as half of Gen. 14 in October of that year, before my fractured jaw brought us to a screeching halt. Two surgeries and medical leaves later we can finally get back to this strategic, foundational book of the Bible.

I am excited for us to arrive at this point for several reasons.

One, it means I have recovered sufficiently to climb back into our pulpit each week. I wish I could convey to you how much I love to preach the word of God!

While I so appreciate all the efforts of our capable elders and other brothers who have filled in during my absence, I confess missing the privilege so very much during these absences. God is good to have brought me through yet another time.

Two, it means we resume in earnest our commitment to expository preaching. This is one of our core values. It reflects our esteem for the whole counsel of God and letting the Scriptures themselves determine the preaching agenda.

When someone like me works through a book like Genesis chapter-by-chapter, he must let the text determine the message as he works through his study. Some things, especially the controversial, we preachers would never touch on unless our progress through a book led us to them over the course of time.

Three, it means we come to study again a terribly important part of the Bible. It has extraordinary implications for the topic of the Sanctity of Human Life.

This Lord’s Day is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday 2017. As we see what Genesis has to say about God, creation, blessing and the like, I will seek to make application both to the atrocity of abortion and the evil of racism.

Genesis is the Old Testament voice for life. I trust the Lord will use our study to enhance our voices of life in our increasingly secular and relativistic world.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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