You may well be wondering what we intend to do about Sunday worship and classes this week in light of the pending threat of Hurricane Irma.

We’ve had considerable internal discussion among our leadership team as well as conversation with other local churches. This storm presents a number of challenging factors and variables that make wisdom difficult to ascertain.

At this point we are leaning heavily toward canceling meetings this Sunday. Our stance stems from the following considerations:

1. Tropical Storm Force Winds or Greater – As of 11 am this morning the National Hurricane Center doesn’t have a single model that shows Orlando receiving any less than tropical storm force winds. It is not wise to subject folks unnecessarily to such dangerous conditions.

2. People Need Time to Prepare – In the event that this storm hits us quite hard we want everyone not to have calculated something like, “but what about my service/worship/nursery/teacher/other responsibilities” on Sunday. It takes time to do the bare minimum to accomplish your residence, paperwork, food/water/gas, and other preparations. We also do not want concerns about church to hold anyone back from evacuating, if so led. The longer one delays leaving, the more problematic bugging out will become.

3. We Can Always Adjust the Plan – If God providentially steers this thing away from us (please pray He does), then we will likely execute a stripped-down, no volunteers, family worship time of some kind.

As models solidify and predictions of threat to our region become more certain, we will definitely call the ball on cancelling one way or the other. That may be as early as tomorrow, Thursday, but certainly no later than Friday.

Watch for further updates like this one for further information.

We don’t know what the future will hold with this storm. We pray earnestly that amounts to as little damage as possible. However, Proverbs imparts wisdom for making good decisions: “The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it” (22:3; 27:12).

A couple other things:

1. Various scheduled ministry happenings are already being cancelled (e.g., Titus 2 Women & Worship Team practice). Check with your ministry team/community group leader for details.
2. There will be no enews this week.